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Poly Food Pans & Covers

Poly Food Pans & Covers

From you’re undercounter refrigerator or walk-in cooler to your prep table on the line or the steam table in your dining room, plastic food pans are everywhere in your restaurant, and they’re an essential element of any commercial kitchen.

Plastic food pans are universally sized to fit any prep table , refrigerated buffet table , steam table , and more. They work in both hot and cold applications.

Poly food pans, lids, and false bottoms. Poly food pans, lids, and false bottoms.

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Poly Food Pans & Covers

No matter the brand, food pans are universally sized, meaning that a 1/6 pan from one manufacturer is the same as a 1/6 pan made by another manufacturer. The fractions food pans are commonly referred to as are based on the full-sized pan , which is 20 3/4 inches by 12 3/4 inches. A 1/2 size pan is half the size of a full-size pan, a 1/4 is a quarter the size of a full-size pan, and so on. Be sure to get the right food pan lid for your restaurant, whether they’re solid covers , slotted for serving utensils , hinged , or Carlisle Smart lids with an inside seal that makes them ideal for transporting food offsite to catering locations. False bottoms are great for foods that produce juices. Placed inside the pan, they keep the food from touching the bottom of the pan, preventing food at the bottom from becoming soggy. Shop our selection of plastic food pans and lids to find the size and temperature range you need.