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After being equipped with chains weighing 1.3 metric tons each, the Tesla Model 3 is hardly recognizable (Image: The Real Life Guys)

河内五分彩开奖结果手机版 彩票投注河内5分彩最快开奖|河内五分彩全国统一开奖网址|河内5分彩开奖官方 Tuners transform the Tesla Model 3 into a six-ton off-road monster

The incredibly heavy behemoth based on a Tesla Model 3 provides very generous 31.5 inches of ground clearance and should therefore easily exceed the rather limited off-road capabilities of the stock model of the popular all-electr...
Enrico Frahn, 12 May 2022 23:54
Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 will go head to head with AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT. (Source: Nvidia)

Leak points to Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 allegedly coming with 24 GB of ultra-fast GDDR6X memory

Nvidia RTX 4090 is allegedly coming with the same memory configuration as the RTX 3090 Ti. According to prominent leaker kopite7kimi, the RTX 4090 will be based on the AD102 GPU, featuring GDDR6X memory. The leaker has also fleshe...
Fawad Murtaza, 12 May 2022 22:59
The Alienware x17 R2 consumes more power than most other gaming laptops and we love it

The Alienware x17 R2 is an absolute power-hungry monster and we wouldn't have it any other way

Dell's latest ultrathin gaming machine is unapologetically power-hungry and we love it. At well over 300 W when fully stressed, the Alienware x17 R2 isn't afraid to draw as much power as it can to squeeze out more performance than...
Allen Ngo, 12 May 2022 22:54
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Honor will sell the Magic4 Pro in Black and Cyan colourways. (Image source: Honor)

Honor Magic4 Pro: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered smartphone launches in the UK with Google Play Services and considerable pre-order bonuses

The Magic4 Pro is Honor's latest flagship smartphone, which it equips with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC. The Magic4 Pro also has an LTPO OLED display, plenty of camera horsepower and a 4,600 mAh battery that it can recharge in 30 minu...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 22:00
The Watch GS 3 is available in Classic Gold, Ocean Blue and Midnight Black colourways. (Image source: Honor)

Honor Watch GS 3: 46 mm smartwatch launched from £189.99 in three styles

Honor has released the Watch GS 3 in UK, starting at £189.99. The smartwatch will be orderable from tomorrow in three colours; Honor will offer the Watch GS 3 elsewhere 'in the near future'.
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 22:00
An ingenios YouTuber has found that the new Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV offers more than its official spec sheet suggests (Image: Samsung)

河内五分彩官方开奖-开奖直播-越南河内5分彩官方网站开奖结果 Samsung's S95B QD-OLED appears to be first OLED TV to unofficially support 144 Hz at 4K

While the exciting discovery is certainly good news for gamers who have put an eye on Samsung's brand-new S95B QD-OLED, most regular TV users won't really benefit from the 20% higher refresh rate.
Enrico Frahn, 12 May 2022 21:42
A 60-series phone. (Source: Honor)

Rumor | Honor 70 Pro or Pro Plus will become the world's first Dimensity 9000/100W smartphone

The Honor 70 series of premium mid-range Android smartphones are already regarded as a potentially welcome upgrade over their 60 counterparts, as its flagship is thought to boast the Dimensity 9000 processor. Now, a group of new d...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 12 May 2022 20:27
The Titan Slim. (Source: Unihertz)

Unihertz unveils the Titan Slim keyboard phone as another crowdfunding success

Unihertz has just announced the latest in its line of Android phones with many more physical buttons than usual. The OEM asserts that this one, the Titan Slim, is its thinnest such device yet. It has launched via Kickstarter, wher...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 12 May 2022 19:19
Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra review: A super-thin high-end tablet with a huge display

89% Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra review: A super-thin high-end tablet with a huge display

A display as far as the eye can see. The massive Samsung tablet has a 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display and is powered by a cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Despite the large battery, the Galaxy S8 Ultra is only 5.5 millimeters thick. Find out how it performs in our review below.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 | Qualcomm Adreno 730 | 14.60" | 726 g
Daniel Schmidt, 12 May 2022 19:10
HP is among the first OEMs to offer the new 16-inch 16:10 screens. (Image Source: Windows Central)

HP announces 16-inch ZBook Fury 16 G9 workstation laptops with Alder Lake-HX processors and professional Nvidia / AMD dGPUs

The latest ZBook Fury 16 G9 workstations from HP come packed with powerful components such as the 55 W Intel Alder Lake-HX processors with up to 16 cores and 24 threads, professional RTX A5500 / Radeon Pro W6600M dGPUs, up to 128 ...
Bogdan Solca, 12 May 2022 19:05
The new generation of WH-1000X headphones retails for US$50 more than the WH-1000XM4. (Image source: Sony)

Sony WH-1000XM5: Revised WH-1000X headphones arrive nearing the US$400 mark with better noise cancellation, more microphones and a bulkier design

Sony has introduced the WH-1000XM5, a long-awaited upgrade over the WH-1000XM4. With a new look and improved hardware, the WH-1000XM5 should be a decent upgrade over the WH-1000XM4, were it not for its US$50 higher price tag and i...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 18:54
2023 QD-OLEDs expected to feature thinner displays at lower prices. (Image Source: Samsung)

Samsung to reduce prices and improve yields on the 2023 QD-OLED screens by introducing thinner panels

Prices for the first generation of QD-OLEDs are already comparable to what LG offers, but these could further be reduced by introducing thinner panels with single glass substrate, at the same time improving yields and cutting prod...
Bogdan Solca, 12 May 2022 18:36
Sonos has released the Roam portable speaker in three new colors. (Image source: Sonos)

Sonos Roam portable speaker is compatible with Sonos voice assistant and available in three new colors

The Sonos Roam portable speaker has been released in three new colorways: Sunset (orange), Wave (blue) and Olive (green). The speaker has many features, including Trueplay tuning technology, to adapt the sound based on your surrou...
Polly Allcock, 12 May 2022 18:30
The Moto G82 5G comes in Meteorite Gray and White Lily colourways at launch. (Image source: Motorola)

Motorola Moto G82 5G: Powerful Moto G smartphone launches in Europe and the UK with a 120 Hz AMOLED display

Motorola has revealed the Moto G82 5G, a more expensive alternative to the Moto G22 and Moto G52. With a Snapdragon 695 5G chipset, a 120 Hz AMOLED display and a 5,000 mAh battery, the Moto G82 5G packs a punch, despite its reason...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 17:43
The Mi 11 Ultra's successor could benefit from a 3F ToF camera and Surge C2 image signal processor. (Image source: Xingye Jiang)

Xiaomi 12 Ultra to launch with a 3D ToF camera and Surge C2 ISP

According to reports, Xiaomi is considering introducing two innovations with the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Supposedly, the company has already added references for a 3D ToF camera and a Surge C2 ISP, both aimed at improving image ...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 16:56
The Honor Play 30 has a large camera housing for a single rear-facing sensor. (Image source: Honor)

Honor Play 30: Snapdragon 480 Plus-powered smartphone unveiled with a 5G chipset, a 5,000 mAh battery and up to 8 GB of RAM

Honor has introduced the Play 30, a smartphone with a modern Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and a large battery. The Honor Play 30 also offers 5G connectivity, up to 8 GB of RAM and a modest camera setup.
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 16:34
The Realme Pad Mini starts at €179.99 in the Eurozone. (Image source: Realme)

Realme Pad mini: 8.7-inch tablet debuts in Europe for a bargain price with LTE connectivity

Realme has finally brought its Pad mini to Europe, where it starts at €179.99. Available with and without LTE connectivity, the 8.7-inch tablet also comes with 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB of expandable storage.
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 16:22
Gamers will have to wait until 2023 to get their hands on a copy of Starfield (image via Bethesda)

Starfield release date pushed back to H1, 2022; Redfall also delayed

Bethesda has pushed back the release of its space-themed RPG Starfield to H1, 2022. It was initially slated for a November 2021 release. Arkane Studios' Redfall has also been delayed and will be launched around the same time as St...
Anil Ganti, 12 May 2022 15:23
The Rock Pi 4 Model C+ relies on the Rockchip RK3399-T SoC and starts at US$59.99. (Image source: Radxa)

Rock Pi 4 Model C+ released with HDMI 2.0 ports, LPDDR4 RAM and M.2 SSD support

Radxa has revealed the Rock Pi 4 Model C+, a single-board computer that resembles the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. However, the former comes with a Rockchip RK3399-T SoC and an M.2 2230 connector, among other features. The Rock Pi 4 Mo...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 14:44
The Wena 3 Ultraman Edition is a smartwatch combined with a wristwatch. (Image source: Sony)

Sony Wena 3 Ultraman Edition: Unique smartwatch and wristwatch combination launches

Sony has introduced the Wena 3 Ultraman Edition, a special edition version of the Wena 3 smartwatch. The Wena 3 Ultraman Edition also features a stylish wristwatch based on the Ultraman series and retails for JPY 68,200 (~US$524).
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 14:39
The Galaxy Watch4 series will receive Google Assistant support before the Pixel Watch arrives. (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Watch4: Google Assistant availability finally confirmed for before Pixel Watch release

Currently, the Galaxy Watch4 series fly the flag for Wear OS 3, which will also be coming to the Pixel Watch later this year. While Google's first smartwatch is not due until the autumn, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Watch...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 14:26
The Garmin Epix 2 and Fenix 7 series can now be updated to software version 8.18. (Image source: Garmin)

Garmin Epix 2 and Fenix 7 families benefit from new features, bug fixes and optimisations with latest software updates

Garmin has released substantial software updates to the Epix 2 and Fenix 7 series. Distributed as software version 8.18, the updates are available to all Epix 2 and Fenix 7 series owners, not just those who participate in Garmin's...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 14:23
The 2022 Kumi KU5 Pro smartwatch has a blood pressure measuring tool. (Image source: Kumi via AliExpress)

2022 Kumi KU5 Pro smartwatch launches globally with blood pressure monitoring feature and introductory offer

Kumi has released the 2022 Kumi KU5 Pro globally. The smartwatch has many health tools, such as heart rate and blood oxygen level monitoring. The gadget can also measure your blood pressure using soft silicone airbag technology bu...
Polly Allcock, 12 May 2022 14:00
Volkswagen plans to revive the Scout brand with EV pickup and R-SUV models. (Image source: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen announces Scout electric pickup and rugged SUV models

Volkswagen has revealed plans to revive the Scout brand with two new EVs. The manufacturer will produce pickup and rugged SUV models in 2026, with prototypes due next year. Rumors suggest that the SUV could rival the Rivian R1S, w...
Polly Allcock, 12 May 2022 13:27
The Nothing Launcher allows you to enlarge app icons and folders, among other features. (Image source: Nothing)

The Nothing Launcher is now available to install on most Android smartphones

The Nothing Phone (1) has not launched yet, but you can now try out its launcher software on most Android smartphones. Initially released to the Pixel 6 and the Galaxy S22 series, Nothing Launcher is now available on any smartphon...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 12:33
Marketing image of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022). (Source: SnoopyTech)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022) specs, pricing, and marketing images revealed

Samsung is gearing up to refresh the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite from 2020 with a new model. Badged as the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022), major details of the tablet have now surfaced, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset being the biggest chang...
Ricci Rox, 12 May 2022 12:32
The Nokia N73 is rumoured to feature the ISOCELL HP1, Samsung's 200 MP camera sensor. (Image source: CNMO)

Nokia N73: HMD Global rumoured to be bringing back classic smartphone with Samsung's 200 MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor

According to reports, HMD Global is developing a new version of the Nokia N73. Allegedly, the Nokia N73 would be a return to flagship smartphones for HMD Global, with a Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor allowing it to shoot in up to 200 ...
Alex Alderson, 12 May 2022 12:30
Renault has opened a priority list for its Megane E-Tech 100% Electric in the UK. (Image source: Renault)

Renault announces Zoe E-Tech battery stats as Megane E-Tech 100% Electric UK priority list opens

Renault has revealed that over 99% of batteries in the Zoe E-tech vehicles sold since 2013 are still fully functional. The company claims its success is due to the lithium-ion batteries and intelligent battery management technolog...
Polly Allcock, 12 May 2022 12:05
The Sony Xperia 1 IV has a 6.5-inch, 4K, 120 Hz, HDR, OLED panel. (Image source: Sony)

Bemusing Sony Xperia 1 IV release date for US market published alongside price, color options, and bundle details

The Sony Xperia 1 IV product page for the US market has provided full details about the new flagship smartphone, including its hefty US$1,599.99 price tag, its somewhat astonishing release date, the two available color options, an...
Daniel R Deakin, 12 May 2022 11:51
Multiple robot vacuums from Anker's Eufy are discounted at Amazon, including the 11S Slim. (Image source: Eufy).

Anker Eufy robot vacuums are on sale at Amazon with up to 43% off

Some Anker Eufy robot vacuum models are currently on sale at Amazon in the US, UK and Australia. Similar deals are also offered at the Eufy store. The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Slim, 30C and 15C Max models are included in the sale....
Polly Allcock, 12 May 2022 10:33
The Sony Xperia 1 IV was compared against the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. (Image source: Sony/Samsung - edited)

Xperia 1 IV vs Galaxy S22 Ultra: Sony's new flagship can't quite outclass Samsung's finest in toe-dip comparison

The Sony Xperia 1 IV has been pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in a surface-scratching comparison by popular YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss. Although much of the video content was subjective, it was clear to see how the S22 Ul...
Daniel R Deakin, 12 May 2022 10:28
The flat design of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ resembles the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S22+: High-end smartphone and the golden mean in the new Galaxy S line-up

For its Galaxy S series, Samsung brings together its flagship smartphones for a puntual relaunch at the beginning of each year. This year, buyers can choose from three Galaxy S models, including the Galaxy S22+, whose 6.6-inch dis...
Manuel Masiero, 12 May 2022 10:15
Medion Erazer Beast X30 review: Slim, powerful QHD gaming notebook

Medion Erazer Beast X30: Lots of gaming power at a high price

Both the Core-i9-12900HK CPU and the GeForce RTX-3080 Ti laptop GPU run all the latest computer games smoothly on a responsive 17.3-inch screen (QHD). The notebook also offers a Thunderbolt 4 slot as well as space for two PCIe-4 S...
Sascha Mölck, 12 May 2022 09:14
Test Motorola Moto G22

75% Motorola Moto G22 review - Inexpensive budget smartphone with a serious faux pas

Favorable entry with Android 12. The Moto G22 primarily scores with its price. NFC, a 50 MP camera, and a 90 Hz panel are on board for less than 170 Euros (~$180). Motorola also focuses on the latest Android with improved data protection features in its entry-level phone. Does the calculation work out despite some shortcomings?
Mediatek Helio G37 | PowerVR GE8320 | 6.50" | 185 g
Marcus Herbrich, 12 May 2022 03:16
The Dell G15 5510 43NHT is clearly at a disadvantage in comparison to the 5515 Ryzen Edition in our review. (Image: Cyberport)

The Intel version of the Dell G15 5510 gaming laptop doesn't stand a chance against the Ryzen Edition in our review

Not only does Dell offer the G15 in the previously reviewed 5515 Ryzen Edition, but also as the 5510 with an Intel CPU. We recently compared the performance of the Intel version with that of the AMD version. The results were as ex...
Marcus Schwarten, 12 May 2022 03:11
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Google introduces its latest Wallet. (Source: Google)

Google launches a new Wallet with support for digital IDs and more

Google has announced a second-gen Wallet in the course of its I/O 2022 keynote. This app is slated to support more than just payments this time around. It will also support the Mountain View giant's growing capacity to turn mobile...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 11 May 2022 23:02
Samsung Galaxy A13 4G

77% Samsung Galaxy A13 4G Smartphone review – Generous upgrades for Samsung's budget phone

A better introduction to the world of Samsung smartphones. At below 200 USD, the Samsung Galaxy A13 4G offers a Full HD screen and Wi-Fi 5. However, it faces strong competition. Are the improvements compared to last year's model enough to make it competitive?
Samsung Exynos 850 | ARM Mali-G52 MP1 | 6.60" | 195 g
Florian Schmitt, 11 May 2022 22:56
Mass 4680 battery will have to be pulled forward (image: Tesla)

Tesla leans on Panasonic for faster 4680 battery production as it scouts the US for a dedicated factory

Panasonic said it is experiencing unprecedented demand for its electric vehicle batteries, especially for the ones it supplies to Tesla. Mass production of the ground-breaking 4680 cylindrical battery, for instance, will have to b...
Daniel Zlatev, 11 May 2022 22:14
The Pixel Buds Pro will launch in four colours for US$199. (Image source: Google)

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Premium earbuds revealed for $199 with ANC, Bluetooth multipoint and automatic audio switching

Google has announced the Pixel Buds Pro, a premium answer to the Pixel Buds A-Series. Launching this summer for US$199, the Pixel Buds Pro will be available in four colours, all with ANC and Bluetooth multipoint. The Pixel Buds Pr...
Alex Alderson, 11 May 2022 22:13
Alienware x17 R2 laptop review: Peak 175 W GeForce RTX 3080 Ti performance

89% Alienware x17 R2 laptop review: Peak 175 W GeForce RTX 3080 Ti performance

Supercharged performance at all costs. Most ultrathin gaming laptops strike a careful balance between performance, noise, and power consumption. The Alienware x17 R2, on the other hand, shows no shame maximizing performance even if it means a louder and more power-hungry system.
Intel Core i9-12900HK | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU | 17.30" | 3.1 kg
Allen Ngo, 11 May 2022 21:53
The Pixel Tablet will not arrive until 2023, at the earliest. (Image source: Google)

Google I/O 2022: Google Pixel tablet previewed ahead of 2023 release

Google has taken the unusual step of previewing a product over a year before its release. Not only has the company teased the Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, it has also highlighted the design and features of next year's Pix...
Alex Alderson, 11 May 2022 21:49
Rick Osterloh wearing the upcoming Pixel Watch. (Image source: Google)

Google Pixel Watch: Teasers and availability showcased at Google I/O 2022

Google has lifted the lid on the Pixel Watch, its long-awaited smartwatch. While the company has highlighted the smartwatch's design and a few features, it will not be ready for a few more months yet.
Alex Alderson, 11 May 2022 21:16
The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will join the Pixel Watch at a separate launch event in the autumn. (Image source: Google)

Google previews the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro at Google I/O 2022

Google has teased the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro at the start of Google I/O 2022. So far, the company has confirmed a practical few design changes from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, as well as hinting at a next-generation Google Tenso...
Alex Alderson, 11 May 2022 21:01
The Pixel 6a sports the design of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro but in a smaller package. (Image source: Google)

Google Pixel 6a: Mid-range and compact take on the Pixel 6 series launches for $449 with Google Tensor chipset

Google has unveiled the Pixel 6a, a handset that follows the design language of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Accordingly, the Pixel 6a features a Google Tensor chipset, but in a more compact chassis and for considerably less money...
Alex Alderson, 11 May 2022 20:44
The OnePlus Nord 2T should be available in multiple markets. (Image source: AliExpress)

OnePlus Nord 2T: Official specifications and renders leak for upcoming mid-range smartphone

Official specifications and renders for the OnePlus Nord 2T have leaked online. The leak reveals all aspects about OnePlus' next mid-range smartphone, including cameras, memory configurations and its display.
Alex Alderson, 11 May 2022 19:47
A Vivo S15-series photo sample. (Source: Vivo via Weibo)

Vivo S15-series teasers hint at upcoming smartphones with customized cameras and 80W charging

Vivo has just confirmed rumors that it will launch new members of its mid-range S series. These smartphones are now slated to launch with the brand's OriginOS Android skin and much more. They include Sony main cameras with "exclus...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 11 May 2022 19:00
Intel Core i5-12450HX Processor - Benchmarks and Specs

Intel Core i5-12450HX Processor - Benchmarks and Specs

Alder Lake-HX x86 8 cores @ 1800 - 4400 MHz 10nm
The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is rumoured to feature the same amount of rear-facing cameras as its predecessor, pictured. (Image source: Xingye Jiang)

Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Specifications and pricing leak for upcoming powerhouse smartphone

A leaker has shared numerous specifications for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, Xiaomi's long-awaited successor to the Mi 11 Ultra. Reportedly, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have a 2K and 120 Hz display, plus up to 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 512 GB ...
Alex Alderson, 11 May 2022 17:41
OnePlus' limited-time offer. (Source: OnePlus)

Deal | OnePlus 10 Pro is offered with a free Watch in a May 11, 2022-only event

The OnePlus Watch is available for free with the purchase of a new 10 Pro Android flagship smartphone. However, this offer is a flash sale in effect for one day (May 11, 2022) only, and seems to be valid in the US and Canada only....
Deirdre O'Donnell, 11 May 2022 17:31
Intel Core i5-12600HX Processor - Benchmarks and Specs

Intel Core i5-12600HX Processor - Benchmarks and Specs

Alder Lake-HX x86 12 cores @ 1800 - 4600 MHz 10nm
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